- - Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Progressivism has certainly got me fed up with government. With every new lie and failure of policy, I wonder, “How much more will people take?” Then they take more — and a Democratic Party or administration representative stands up in Congress or at some speaker’s podium and defends the most recent blunder, act of tyranny or bungling failure. And nothing happens.

The first time I saw any outrage result in a deserved show of anger was when protesting veterans carried the steel fencing used to block off the World War II Memorial to the White House and dumped it out in front. “Finally!” I thought. Anger was starting to build, and it looked as though folks were finally fed up.

It is tragic and infuriating that the reaction by civil, freedom-loving Americans and our elected representatives in Congress are apparently ineffectual in removing the obvious source of our problems. The people to blame are placed on paid leave, and when things cool off, these people are restored to some position in government. This is an insult to our society.


North Las Vegas, Nev.



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