- The Washington Times - Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A newspaper in Spain says it’s going to supply a prosecutor with the necessary documents to prove that the National Security Agency did in fact tap into millions of Spanish civilian telephone calls.

The promise comes on the heels of a White House denial that the United States spied on Spain. The United States later admitted monitoring European phone calls, but said it was part of a general NATO mission and that other countries did the same, The Associated Press reported.

The Spain newspaper, El Mundo, published photographs of the documents a week ago as a visual for the story that claimed the NSA traced 60 million phone calls in the country — in one month’s time. Now the paper says it will help prosecutors make their case against the United States and turn over the actual documents, AP reported.

Spanish intelligence officials have planned a closed-door meeting to discuss the issue with lawmakers on Wednesday, AP said.



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