- The Washington Times - Thursday, November 7, 2013

The parents of a 3-year-old boy killed in a Missouri house fire last week are outraged after, they say, police used a stun gun against the stepfather when he tried to re-enter the home to save his stepson, The Louisiana Press-Journal first reported.

The mother, Catherine Miller, and stepfather, Ryan Miller, had fallen asleep watching television when Mrs. Miller was awakened by smoke. Attempts to reach the child, Riley Jeffrey Rieser, in a separate room were unsuccessful, but after the couple were able to escape, Mr. Miller tried to re-enter through the front door.

That’s when he was shot with a taser gun multiple times, Mr. Miller says. Louisiana police had to restrain him and place him in a holding cell at the Louisiana Police Department during the time the child was transported to the hospital, The Press-Journal reported.

“I was hysterical, yes, because I wanted to save my son,” Mr. Miller said told the newspaper. “He was my best friend. He was everybody’s best friend. If you would have met him, you would have loved him. He was the joy of my life.”

Riley was pronounced dead at Pike County Memorial Hospital. The home at 405 S. Main St. was completely destroyed.

City Administrator Bob Jenne confirmed that a stun gun was used against the grief-stricken Mr. Miller after attempts were made to keep him from re-entering the home, according to The Press-Journal.

When asked if the police officer overreacted by using a stun gun on Mr. Miller, Mr. Jenne responded: “To me, it’s a judgment call. Not having an opportunity to review the officer’s report, I would be remiss in saying anything.”



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