- - Thursday, October 10, 2013


President Obama told the world in a speech Tuesday that America has been weakened domestically and globally (“Obama cites harm to U.S. economy, prestige abroad from longer shutdown,” Web, Oct. 8). This is true, but he caused the shutdown, so he owns it.

Mr. Obama is no leader. A leader comes to the table with ideas and works toward uniting the country. Instead, Mr. Obama has divided America right down the middle. The reason the government is shut down is because he has turned a deaf ear to the representatives of the people of one half of the country.

His spitefulness toward Americans can be seen by his closing down of monuments and parks, even those locations that have been privately funded. Can we honestly say he is a president of all the people? He is a president for leftists, a man who wants to punish people who don’t agree with him. He and his cronies have called the opposition all kinds of names: jihadists, anarchists, terrorists, racists and the like. This kind of unbecoming rhetoric is unprecedented for a president of the United States.

The government shutdown has exposed Mr. Obama’s unwillingness to negotiate, to accommodate the other half of the American population. A delay of Obamacare for one year is not the end of the world. Those in Congress who are holding the line on outrageous spending and the implementation of Obamacare should be commended, not rebuked. The Affordable Care Act (an oxymoron) is an unfair, unconstitutional law that will bankrupt the country. Stop blaming Congress, and put the blame where it belongs — on the president.


Berwyn Heights



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