- The Washington Times - Friday, October 11, 2013

Republicans on the hunt for Hispanic votes kicked off a $10 million campaign to court the bloc on Thursday, hoping to find the message that resonates before the next election cycle.

The GOP initiative isn’t entirely new. Establishment Republicans have been pushing party operatives to conduct voter campaigns aimed at drawing in more Hispanic voters for years, warning that the Latino population is on the rise and the majority support Democrats. But GOP strategists say this initiative is different, and includes paid, full- and part-time staffers who will be on the ground in 17 states, including California, to start a grassroots swell that’s successful, the Los Angeles Times reported.

“What’s different about our effort this time is we’re starting early, not just six months before an election, and we’re going to stay even after the election is over,” said Jennifer Sevilla Korn, the deputy political director for Hispanic initiatives with the Republican National Committee.

The campaign is contentious among tea party and traditional conservative types who say that compromising on certain GOP principles, like rule-of-law arguments on immigration, won’t prove a long-term advantage for the Republicans.



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