- The Washington Times - Sunday, October 13, 2013

Laura Ingraham appeared at a Goldwater Institute event in Phoenix Saturday night, and Cindy McCain apparently wasn’t too impressed with what the radio host had to say about her husband.

Ms. Ingraham has been particularly vocal against Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican, for his stance on U.S. military intervention in war-torn Syria and continued aid to rebels in the Free Syrian Army.

Apparently, one of Mr. McCain’s sons was in the audience at the 25th Silver Anniversary Gala when Ms. Ingraham made more negative comments about the senator, because Mrs. McCain took to Twitter early Sunday morning to express her disapproval.

“@IngrahamAngle decides it’s ok to dump on my husband with my son sitting there at a speech in Phoenix lat [sic] night. Class act!” she said.

Twitter users didn’t express much sympathy for the offended mother.

“You’re responsible for putting your children in the spotlight. So buck up … it’s your fault,” one commenter wrote.

“[I]t’s called Free Speech. Not polite speech,” another comment read.

Another: “The wife of a former Pres candidate complaining about negative press, over and over. Class Act!”



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