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Just about every pundit, journalist and political operator in big media is warning of dire consequences and the added expense of shutting down the federal government. That is just the evidence I need to encourage exactly the opposite position, the temporary shutting down of Washington if Obamacare is not defunded. It will not be the end of the world. A famine will not follow, for this was never in the experience of America even when the federal government was much smaller.

Arguably, 80 percent of what the federal government does is outside of its legitimate, enumerated powers ordained by the Constitution. Few “public servants” in places of power are inclined to understand this fact; indeed, they intend to expand the power and spending of government. Since it is obvious D.C. will not rein in spending and reduce its size, cutting off its supply of cash may be the only real alternative to achieve cuts in government.

The Founding Fathers likely never imagined that the United States would force anyone to “invest” in a retirement plan. Even more extreme, those who fail to fund their retirement through this giant Ponzi scheme known as Social Security may be sent to prison. The IRS’ confiscation of hard-earned money from Americans and its giving of that money to nonproducers is extreme. This practice has fostered generational poverty and dependence for millions in the United States who might otherwise discover their American dreams.

Obamacare must be defunded. The tyranny that will otherwise eventually ensue will be suffocating and broad. When the state is in control of health care, it will use this as an argument to regulate everything else we do that may have an impact on health-related spending, since the collective pays. Individual rights will take a huge hit. All financial information will be known, all health information will be revealed, food and beverage consumption will be regulated and medications could be forced. The state will decide the quality of care — and yes, it will incorporate death panels. This is socialism, remember?


Petersburg, Va.

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