- The Washington Times - Thursday, October 17, 2013

“Justified” actor Nick Searcy took on wrestler Kevin Nash in a Twitter match Thursday morning after the wrestler repeatedly criticized the tea party, saying “not even Christ’s return can give them credibility.”

“3 weeks to understand that healthcare bill was passed and reviewed by the Supreme court. Tea party’s not going go revisit slavery next?” the wrestler said Thursday.

“Wow,” Mr. Searcy replied. “Who knew that the great wrestling entrepreneur @RealKevinNash, who made money in the private sector, was such an ass-kissing statist?”

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Mr. Nash continued, “It’s so sad that a Black president voted in by over a 5 million vote margin has to fight the same fight he would in 63.”

“It so sad,” Mr. Searcy replied, “that the only thing you notice about his President is that he is black, racist. Read a BOOK someday, loser.”

Mr. Nash shot back, “Your to uninformed on so many levels to even know where the game is. Not on the canvas mark.”

“Is English your second language, cretin? Take another stab,” Mr. Searcy replied.

Mr. Nash continued, “Wow not to hard to draw out tea party hatred. Common sense and the inability to see color is a great start. Defund was almost default. Nice.”

“‘Inability to see color’” touted by the dolt @RealKevinNash who thinks that all who oppose a black President do it because of his color,” Mr. Searcy replied. “Raised by Communists, endorsed by Communists, friends with Communists, ideas like Communists. Shut up, loser.”

“I will bring back Nash when I start my wrestling federation and repackage him as ‘PRIUS!’” Mr. Searcy added, jabbing at Mr. Nash’s nickname, “Diesel.”

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