- - Sunday, October 20, 2013


Thanks to the debt-ceiling battle I think I finally understand economics: People who want government to live within its means, spend less money, make government smaller and lower taxes are racist, homophobic terrorists. People who make drunken sailors look cheap when it comes to spending other people’s money — money they don’t have — are heroes.

Those who use credit cards to pay off other credit cards are in financial trouble, yet the U.S. government borrowing money to pay just the interest on its debts is a good thing? Democrats can’t be this ignorant about the economy. They are deliberately following a policy of leading America to financial ruin. What other conclusion can one come to?

A new Harvard University Institute of Politics study found that each American worker’s share of the $17 trillion debt — a debt that has jumped by 55 percent since President Obama took office — is currently $123,000. The figure American workers owe is actually much higher because the study didn’t include state and municipal debt. And the Democrats are hellbent on raising that figure.

How many people realize that the “takers,” the primary constituency of the Democratic Party, won’t pay a dime of that debt? Every dime of the debt will be paid by the taxpayers.

How much is enough? At what point will Democrats stop destroying our children’s and grandchildren’s future by saddling them with perpetual debt? It’s a debt they can never pay off in a lifetime. Americans are becoming indentured servants to their government.


Westerly, R.I.

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