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Now that the can has been kicked down the road once again, conservatives and Republicans should immediately begin to strategize on how they are going to improve their messaging as they revisit the same battles over the next three months. Allowing the media and Democrats to continue to get away with all that they have for at least the past five years (and in particular the past 2 weeks) would be absolutely unconscionable.

How about educating Americans on the roles of the legislative and executive branches as those roles relate to funding and operating the government? How about clearly and vehemently refuting the “default” falsehoods repeated over and over by the media and Democrats?

President Obama is now likely to launch into trying to pass an immigration-reform bill. The GOP better figure out how to make the argument that illegal immigration, not legal immigration, is the problem — and that securing the border is the key. Perhaps explaining the impact on the unemployment rate and the cost of Obamacare will provide some good messaging opportunities that are alternatives to the labeling of immigration-reform opponents as racist. Perhaps while we are at it, we should also mention all the leftist-supported programs and actions that require the presentation of an ID.

Most important, however, is tax reform. Since nearly half of tax filers pay no taxes, America has reached a tipping point where those who pay no taxes have no incentive to vote for any efforts to reduce costs and programs. Republicans should enthusiastically lead the effort to eliminate deductions and loopholes across the board, but only if a flat or fair tax system that greatly broadens the tax base replaces the existing system. Succeeding in this effort would also eliminate or greatly reduce the size, scope and power of the IRS.

Lastly, we need new leadership in both houses of Congress. Since both houses have been ineffective against Mr. Obama and the Democrats, let’s give some new blood a chance.


Gainesville, Va.

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