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With Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Republican, stating there could be another shutdown, it is imperative the Republicans have an articulated goal — and to me, it ought to be a very simple one (“Sen. Ted Cruz doesn’t rule out another shutdown in continued Obamacare fight,” Web, Oct. 21).

Since President Obama has taken office, his strident stance that he will not make meaningful cuts to government spending but will instead raise taxes has never resulted in an agreed-upon budget, just a series of continuing resolutions kicking the can down the road for more than four years, funded by out-of-control borrowing.

This last time, Mr. Obama refused to consider any cut to his pet health care program, even if it meant shutting down the government for 16 days and flirting with a default. This strident stance will only be broken with a “gun to his head,” as he calls the withholding of funding, and breaking up the strategy of increasing debt beyond that approved, thereby justifying borrowing yet more money to finance it. Lacking that, he would likely just print more money.

So this becomes the strategy: We will no longer fund the government with continuing resolutions. We will reduce the deficits that even the most die-hard liberals agree are too high. We will not fund the government until there is a budget agreed on by both parties, passed in both houses and signed by the president, plain and simple. Failure to do this now will shut the government down again and possibly hurt its credit rating. Blame will then fall on both parties and the president. We’ll then see which Republicans sell out by kicking the can down the road yet again, especially if they get a huge project in their district or state approved.

If the consequences are as dire as the Democrats predict, then they have until the first months of the new year to get something agreed upon. They won’t be able to blame the Republicans any longer if all they can come up with are last-minute whines and cries of impending calamity.


Gainesville, Va.

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