- The Washington Times - Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Researchers on Tuesday announced they discovered a new species of the humpback dolphin — a significant discovery that scientists say could help boost the animal’s population.

[Corrected paragraph:] New York-based Wildlife Conservation Society scientists said in the journal, Molecular Ecology, that they found the new species off the coast of Australia after conducting genetic tests.

For research purposes, the humpback dolphin is divided into two groups: Those swimming the Atlantic Ocean versus other oceans of the world. Then it’s divided in four different species — including the newly discovered one, The Washington Post reported.

The dolphins swim the waters off West Africa in the eastern Atlantic Ocean, and in the central and western portions of the Indian Ocean, eastern Indian and western Pacific seas, and in ocean spots off northern Australia.

Scientists are hoping the identification of the new species will aid in the creation of conservation programs that target each type accordingly — and ultimately lead to the growth of each species’ population.



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