- The Washington Times - Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Those who can’t stomach a “hair of the dog” can now turn to a refreshing Sprite to lessen the pain from a long night out, Chinese researchers have found.

Scientists at Sun Yat-Sen University, in Guangzhou, examined 57 beverages, ranging from herbal teas to caffeinated sodas, before concluding that the Coca-Cola product performed the best, the Daily Mail reported.

When we drink, our livers release an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH), which breaks down the ethanol in alcohol into a chemical called acetaldehyde and is then broken down into acetate by an enzyme called aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH), the report said. Acetaldehyde is normally what causes hangovers to be more painful.

The researchers found that Sprite was among the drinks that sped up the ALDH process, causing the alcohol to be broken down more quickly, thereby reducing hangover duration, the Daily Mail said.

“These results are a reminder that herbal and other supplements can have pharmacological activities that both harm and benefit our health,” Edzard Ernst, Emeritus Prodessor of complementary medicine at the University of Exeter, told Chemistry World.



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