- The Washington Times - Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton had some harsh words for the latest nuclear proposal coming out of Tehran: It’s “pure propaganda,” he said.

“This Iran deal is complete bull [expletive]. Pure propaganda. The time it takes to go from 20 percent enrichment to full weaponization is two weeks,” Mr. Bolton said to Breitbart.com. “They are not supposed to do any enrichment, but Obama already conceded that.”

The proposal is that Iran would quit enriching uranium to 20 percent levels — but would still enrich uranium to 5 percent levels. Mr. Bolton said, what good is that?

The Wall Street Journal also reported that Iran would consider closing doors on its underground Fordow enrichment site. The facility is beneath a mountain just outside Qom. The international community didn’t even know about Fordow until 2009. Iran further suggested as part of the proposal that it would let in international inspectors to test other nuclear sites.

In return, Iran said it wanted a lifting of international economic sanctions.

Mr. Bolton said in Breitbart.com that Iran was still pursuing nuclear weapon development and that this deal, if accepted, would not halt the nation from continuing that path.



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