- - Monday, September 16, 2013


The current comedy of errors going on in the White House harkens back to the day when that supreme French narcissist, Charles de Gaulle, tried to tell British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt how to deal with Germany (“Syria attack: High-stakes decisions on Capitol Hill are yes, no and maybe,” Web, Sept. 8). Fortunately, we did not heed de Gaulle and his European mindset. If we had, we would likely still be trying to fight our way off Omaha Beach.

Neither the United States nor the world at large needs a de Gaulle running the U.S. military. President Obama has painted himself into the proverbial corner on Syria, mainly due to the dilettantes with whom he has surrounded himself. He has every character in Washington saluting him.

Unfortunately, the United States continues to struggle with the idea of electing a few individuals with no military experience and then allowing them to play the video game of “World at War.” If Congress eventually allows military novice Mr. Obama to attack Syria, I hope representatives’ constituents recall and cast them out into the streets. If Mr. Obama does not get approval and attacks anyway, he should be impeached due to lack of mental stability. Even the great stone face of Secretary of State John Kerry cannot persuade anyone that we have proof enough to drop a dime on Syrian President Bashar Assad.





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