- The Washington Times - Monday, September 2, 2013

A top prosecutor referred ousted President Mohammed Morsi to face a court trial for inciting violence and standing idly by as his government forces killed protesters outside his office while he sat as Egypt’s president.

Mr. Morsi, who was thrown from office in a military coup on July 3, will be tried on the charges in criminal court along with 14 members of his Muslim Brotherhood, The Associated Press reported.

At least 10 are alleged to have died during the incident, AP said. The 10 were part of a massive December 2012 rally outside Mr. Morsi’s palace. An estimated 100,000 protesters gathered to voice opposition to Mr. Morsi’s draft constitution — seen as heavy on the Islamist influence — and his attempt to shield his government decisions from judicial oversight.

The prosecutor made the referral for trial on Sunday. No date for trial has yet been set.



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