- - Monday, September 2, 2013


Kiplinger just released its list of the 10 costliest and 10 least-expensive cities in America. The indexing was based on prices for housing, groceries, utilities, transportation, health care and miscellaneous goods and services, and it included 307 urban areas with populations greater than 50,000. It quickly became obvious to me that all 10 of the most expensive cities are in states heavily controlled by Democrats.

Five of the 10 cities are in California. Washington finished in fifth place. So I decided to see whether the opposite was true of the least-expensive cities; that is, whether Republicans controlled the latter. Well, six of the 10 least-expensive cities are in solid red states, three are under Republican-controlled local governments and the ninth-least expensive city is managed by a fiscally conservative Democrat in Arkansas.

Even more revealing is that all 10 of the costliest cities are in forced-unionism states. Meanwhile, among the least-expensive cities, only Pueblo, Colo., and Springfield, Ill., are saddled with that burden. When you have to pay extremely high property taxes and much more for goods and services (owing in large part to non-market-based wages), it simply costs much more to live.

I sure hope Virginia voters are not duped into thinking the upcoming election for governor is about “reproductive rights” or people’s faith-based definition of marriage. This is what we are force-fed in the run-up to every other local, state and national election. Virginia’s long history of being a right-to-work state is extremely important when it comes to our businesses’ competitive advantages, robust job market and overall standard of living.


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