- - Friday, September 20, 2013


In your recent editorial (“The circular firing squad,” Web, Sept. 18), you make the claim that Rep. Pete Sessions of Texas is a conservative. However, our conversations with the grass roots in Texas and our analysis of his voting record tell us that you are wrong.

Mr. Sessions voted for the TARP bailout, he supported the “fiscal cliff” tax deal that resulted in higher taxes for 80 percent of Americans, and he voted to raise the debt ceiling. Just this year, he voted for the bloated farm bill that included close to $1 trillion in spending — nearly 80 percent of which was for food stamps. The Times called the bill’s defeat in the House “encouraging” and highlighted the fact that conservatives wanted the food-stamp aid separated from the farm bill, but that was not allowed. As chairman of the Rules Committee, Mr. Sessions had the authority to allow separate votes on the farm subsidies and food-stamp portions of the bill, but he didn’t use it. Now, how is that conservative?

This brings us to Obamacare and the “trick rule” the House was going to adopt, which would allow the Senate to drop a provision that defunded Obamacare without a confirming vote in the House. This was an extremely deceptive approach that was scrapped after we, other conservative organizations and Americans from across the country, voiced opposition. If Mr. Sessions had written that rule in the House, he would certainly deserve a primary challenge for such a dishonest attempt to fund a program his constituents opposed.

If Mr. Sessions supports funding for Obamacare, that is his choice, but he should openly acknowledge it and be prepared to deal with the political consequences.


Executive director

Senate Conservatives Fund




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