- - Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Like Terry McAuliffe, I was raised in upstate New York and now live in Virginia. The similarities between us end there, however.

I left a state that’s in a slow death spiral, caused by policies of overtaxation, overregulation and overspending, to live in a prosperous state that still favors liberty, affordable government and the right to work. The problems of New York state were brought about because of the policies of the Democratic Party. I had hoped I’d left New York behind, but if Mr. McAuliffe becomes governor of Virginia, he will do all he can to bring to Virginia the destructive policies that are ruining New York.

Residents of Virginia, compare the state of these two states. New York is dying because of the ruling Democratic Party. Virginia is still prosperous and has a bright future because we have rejected those policies. Do not elect Mr. McAuliffe as governor; send this carpetbagger packing.





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