- The Washington Times - Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Rev. Jesse Jackson had harsh words for Sen. Ted Cruz’s filibuster on Obamacare, calling the Texas tea party darling a “clown” who could learn a thing or two from President Obama.

The two are like “night and day” — jester and sage, he said, U.S. News reported.

Listening to Mr. Obama and former President Bill Clinton speak on health care reform compared with Sen. Ted Cruz’s historic Senate floor remarks against Obamacare was a lesson in extremes, he described

“Such clowning really helps President Obama, to see the contrast between the wise man and the clown,” Mr. Jackson said during a recent appearance at the Clinton Global Initiative conference in New York.

Mr. Jackson said Mr. Clinton did well by Mr. Obama in joining him to discuss Obamacare and the complexities of the health care exchanges in a public forum.

“I thought that talking it out with Bill made the issue simpler than just sound bites you see on TV,” he said in the U.S. News report.

SPECIAL COVERAGE: Health Care Reform

Mr. Jackson also said Obamacare wasn’t going anywhere — and that the health care reform was firmly rooted in the American consciousness as a beneficial policy.

“It’s really Obamacares,” he said. “Cares for the people transitioning between jobs … cares for health care for everybody. Obamacares is more appropriate language.”




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