- - Thursday, September 26, 2013


Thanks to R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr. for his enlightening commentary on Richard Trumka (“Richard Trumka’s menagerie,” Sept. 20). Mr. Trumka’s effort to bring more political groups into the AFL-CIO in lieu of fixing the negatives that have hurt the union’s image and workers is proof that the many top union leaders are more interested in their power than their worker members.

Mr. Trumka has climbed onto the Obama train and has supported the president even when White House policies have clearly not been in the best interests of union members or the rest of the country. Mr. Trumka’s support of President Obama’s position on the Keystone XL pipeline is an incredible example of seeking to curry favor with the president at the expense of job creation (not to mention the positive impact of importing more Canadian oil in lieu of imports from Venezuela and the Middle East). Mr. Trumka’s support of Obamacare may completely eliminate one of the most prominent reasons, historically, that people have had for belonging to a union: health care and other benefit programs.

Our country is in need of organizations that can help those willing to work. Unions need to reform those rules that defy common sense, and they need to offer wages that are reasonable when compared to the marketplace. A much greater focus ought to be placed on the excellent training programs they offer so that they can again be seen as a reliable source of trained employees for jobs when needed.

Mr. Trumka and other union leaders need to sever their ties with the Democratic Party and instead support policies that will strengthen our country and grow the economy.





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