- The Washington Times - Monday, September 9, 2013

Former Rep. Anthony Weiner is having an Energizer Bunny moment: He just won’t quit, despite polls that put him at the bottom of the New York City mayoral race, with only 7 percent of support from would-be constituents.

The primary is Tuesday, and heading in, Mr. Weiner is low man on a totem pole that has three other candidates in the lead. Yet Mr. Weiner refuses to step aside.

“Before we do post-mortems on what happens if I lose, let’s do the campaign,” he said in an interview on NBC. “Let’s see what happens if I win.”

Quinnipiac University’s recent survey sets him in favor with only 7 percent of city voters, The Hill reported. That’s behind City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, former Comptroller Bill Thompson and public advocate Bill de Blasio.

The poll also finds 8 percent of voters are undecided — and perhaps that segment is what Mr. Weiner is hoping to capture. His campaign stumbled badly over his sexting scandals and never did regain steam. Nonetheless, Mr. Weiner said to NBC that he doesn’t regret his mayoral run.

“No one gets to go back and redo things,” he said. “I’m convinced the decision I made was the right one.”



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