- The Washington Times - Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sen. Sherrod Brown, Ohio Democrat, said Thursday that Democratic lawmakers will continue to push for a vote in the House on extending unemployment insurance.

“We’re going to continue to fight to do the right thing on minimum wage, on extending unemployment benefits,” he told MSNBC. “When Speaker [John] Boehner wakes up every morning, does he decide to be the Speaker of the tea party or the Speaker of the House? If he decides to be the Speaker of the House, he brings these bills to the floor and they pass.”

Mr. Brown predicted Democrats will win in the midterm elections by focusing on issues that effect the lives of the majority of Americans. He also said Obamacare will help Democrats in November as more stories of people getting covered are told.

It’s also important to educate voters ahead of the elections on the important issues supported by the billionaire Koch brothers, which are often missing from campaign ads funded by the pair, he said.

“They want tax cuts, they want weaker environmental laws, they want to break the labor movement, they’re spending that kind of money, and it’s important that Democrats point out that this group of people on the far right who stand to benefit from buying Congress are trying to do that,” Mr. Brown said. “I think the more people know, the more they’re going to vote against those interest groups who do that.”



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