- The Washington Times - Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Two brothers who were previously jailed for cannibalism have been re-arrested in Pakistan after police found an infant’s skull in their home, police said Tuesday.

Mohammed Arif Ali was arrested at the home early Monday and his brother, Mohammed Farman Ali, was arrested hours later after he had fled the scene, CNN reported.

The two had been released from prison last year after serving two years in jail for dismembering a woman’s body that they had reportedly stolen from a graveyard in Darya Khan.

Neighbors had reported a “foul smell” emanating from the house located in the Bhakkar district of Punjab, district police chief Ameer Abdullah Khan told CNN on Tuesday.

Police found the decapitated head of an infant that looked to be around five days old next to a burning stove, the chief said. The skull has been sent for further testing.

Both men confessed to police to eating human flesh. They have been charged dehumanizing a dead body and other public order offenses, CNN reported.



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