- The Washington Times - Thursday, April 17, 2014

A group called Keep Louisiana Working released a television ad titled “Actress Mary” on Thursday to call out Sen. Mary Landrieu for recreating comments from a Senate hearing so she could use them in a 60-second campaign spot.

Ms. Landrieu, a Louisiana Democrat up for re-election this November, is getting mixed reviews for a new campaign ad that shows her standing up for the state’s oil and gas industry. Positive reactions quickly dissolved after critics pointed out that she had to act out a Senate hearing to get around rules that prevent candidates from using such footage in campaign pitches.

The “Actress Mary” ad is a 30-second, $180,000 buy that will run on network and cable TV statewide.

“Every six years Senator Landrieu puts on her best performance as an independent voice for Louisiana. Her new ad is no exception,” KLW Executive Director Emily Cornell said. “Senator Landrieu votes with President Obama 97 percent of the time. She may claim she’s an independent, but she only plays one on TV.”

Ms. Landrieu is seeking a fourth term and has incumbency on her side. However, she is among several vulnerable Senate Democrats seeking re-election in right-leaning states that tend to dislike the Obama administration and its health care law.



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