- The Washington Times - Friday, April 18, 2014

A Michigan judge had a message for a snickering convicted killer in his courtroom: he hopes she dies behind bars.

Camia Gamet, 31, who was convicted in March of stabbing her boyfriend, Marcel Hill, to death two years ago, was defiant and disruptive during her sentencing Wednesday in Jackson County Circuit Court, a Fox News affiliate reported.

Judge John McBain, who watched as Gamet rolled her eyes, smirked and laughed through the proceeding, reached his limit with her impudence after she interrupted a statement by a family member of the victim.

“You’re gonna shut your mouth or I’m going to have some duct tape put on it,” he told her. “You gutted him like a fish in that apartment. … You were relentless. You stabbed, you stabbed, you stabbed, you stabbed, you stabbed until he was dead. I agree with the family — I hope you die in prison as well. If this was a death penalty state, you’d be getting the chair.”

The judge said it was “one the worst cold-blooded” murder cases he’s ever seen, Fox reported.

Gamet was sentenced to life in prison.



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