- The Washington Times - Monday, April 21, 2014

Vice President Joseph R. Biden is set to touch down in Kiev on Monday to discuss the turbulent situation with Russia — but if his past remarks still hold water, he will hardly consider the diplomatic outreach a hardship tour.

During a 2009 visit to the country, Mr. Biden couldn’t help but be bowled over by the nation’s beautiful women.

In a two-day visit, he made several comments about the women to President Viktor Yushchenko.

His first: “[They’re] the most beautiful women in the world. That’s my observation,” Mr. Biden said, during his July 2009 visit.

He then made a similar comment during an unscheduled stop at a pub in Kiev: “It’s certain you have so many beautiful women.”

Mr. Biden followed up his comments with a personal meeting with Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko — a tall, wispy blonde who frequently wore a hair style akin to Princess Leia’s in Star Wars, and whose beauty has been the talk of the international stage since 2001.

Mr. Biden will meet on Tuesday with the acting Ukrainian prime minister and president, and return to Washington, later that evening.



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