- The Washington Times - Saturday, April 5, 2014

Goonies never says die — and Hollywood never says never. Richard Donner told TMZ that a sequel to the movie classic is in the works on Saturday.

While signing autographs in Beverly Hills, Mr. Donner, who also known for the original Superman movies, was asked by paparazzi if he was involved with any comic book projects.

“If you call ‘The Goonies’ comic book. We’re doing a sequel,” he said.

The press then asked if the original stars would return. “Hopefully, all of them,” he replied.

So far no other information has been released, and Mr. Donner did not say whether the main cast — including Sean Astin and Josh Brolin — would only make cameos or would reprise their original roles.

The movie earned $61 million at the box office in 1985 and earned a cult following for its tale of a group of kids who save their town by finding “One-eyed Willie’s” treasure.



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