- The Washington Times - Wednesday, April 9, 2014

DENVER — Democratic lawmakers may preach paycheck equality, but it turns out their female staffers are still coming up short compared to their male counterparts.

An analysis conducted by the conservative website Colorado Peak Politics found that Democratic Sen. Mark Udall pays his female staffers on average 84 cents for every dollar earned by his male staffers.

The same analysis found that Republican Reps. Mike Coffman and Cory Gardner pay their female staffers on average more than their male staffers. Mr. Coffman’s female staffers earn $1.12 for every dollar earned by male staffers, while Mr. Gardner’s female staffers earn $1.04 for every buck earned by their male counterparts.

“Perhaps if Udall and his fellow Democrats focused on treating their own employees equally first, then we wouldn’t have to legislate a solution,” said the Peak commentary. “It shouldn’t be that hard, as two of Colorado’s top Republicans show how easy it is to do.”

The biggest gap in the Colorado delegation belonged to Democratic Rep. Jared Polis, a multimillionaire, whose female staffers earn just 65 cents for every dollar earned by his male staffers, according to the website.

Udall spokesman Chris Harris told the Denver Post that the senator’s male and female staffers working the same job earn the same pay, but that’s a distinction often lost in the Democratic battle cry over paycheck fairness.

Mr. Udall is hardly alone among Senate Democrats. A report released Tuesday by the Washington Free Beacon found that female staffers working for Senate Democrats earn on average $0.91 for every buck earned by male staffers.

And even President Obama’s White House has come under fire after it was learned female staffers earn on average less than male employees.



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