- The Washington Times - Monday, August 25, 2014

Two inmates were beheaded during a prison riot that erupted at a facility in southern Brazil.

Inmates in the city of Cascavel seized guards and several inmates and held them hostage, said military police Capt. Ricardo Pinto, in the New York Post. Negotiations for better prison conditions kicked off the violence.

Prisoners set fires and grabbed metal poles and slammed structures at the facility, the New York Post said. At least two men were decapitated, and a third was killed when he was tossed off the top of the building.

The three — all inmates — weren’t identified.

The rebellion started at breakfast time when prisoners seized a guard, the New York Post said.

Prisoners with white cloths on their faces then climbed onto the rooftop and beat men who were tied. The rioting inmates also displayed banners with the initials PCC, the acronym for a prison gang that formed in the 1990s, the New York Post said.



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