- The Washington Times - Thursday, August 28, 2014

A London-based imam making an appearance on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News denied that Christians in Iraq had been told to “convert or die” — a claim that opened the doors for an epic shouting match between the two.

Anjem Choudary first dodged Mr. Hannity’s question about his personal belief in the “convert or die” philosophy, Mediaite reported. Instead, he argued that when the United States did what he characterized as bombings and tortures and murders, “obviously this would have repercussions.”

Mr. Choudary then outright denied that “convert or die” was taking place in Iraq. Mr. Hannity then brought up Islam’s goal of spreading Sharia and what that would mean in terms of women’s rights.

“You want a worldwide Islamic caliphate,” Mr. Hannity said on Fox News.

“Of course we do,” Mr. Choudary said, adding a few moments later that “you will be liberated.”

Mr. Hannity at one point specifically asked Mr. Choudary to explain what happens to women who dress immodestly, according to Sharia Law. Mr. Choudary declined to answer directly, but did clarify that “women are not slabs of meat in Islam,” Mediaite reported.

Mr. Hannity’s response: “Are you that dumb and ignorant?”



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