- The Washington Times - Monday, December 8, 2014

President Obama cracked at the Kennedy Center Honorees gala that he liked his title — President of the United States, or POTUS — well enough, but that if he had his choice, he’d go by another: Sting.

“POTUS is a pretty good nickname,” he said, The Hill reported. “But let’s face it — it’s not as cool as Sting. I kind of wish I was called Sting. But I’m stuck with POTUS.”

Mr. Obama also told the crowd of A-listers gathered at the White House that he really enjoyed Tom Hanks’ flick, “Big” — so much so, that “I got kind of choked up,” he said, The Hill reported.

Others honored this year included singer Al Green, comedienne Lily Tomlin and ballerina Patricia McBride.



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