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President Obama is scrambling to put Band-Aids on the health care law instead of admitting that it is DOA.

He pushed Obamacare through Congress with the promise that it would help the 30 million uninsured Americans and not hurt the rest of us. Five years later, the government intrusion has disrupted the coverage of the more than 300 million Americans who were content with their insurance, and it is already dragging down the economy.

Mr. Obama is trying to to hide the problems.

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That’s why the White House announced Monday it would again push back the deadline for the mandate to kick in for companies with between 50 and 100 employees to 2016, which gets the negative economic impact to hit after the election.

This is just the latest in two dozen delays to Obamacare that the president has made — without consulting Congress.

On Tuesday, the president attempted to make the change to the employer mandate not seem like a political decision. In a joint press conference with President Francois Hollande of France, Mr. Obama said it was merely an “adjustment” to help midsize companies with compliance.

He said that “the purpose of the law is not to punish them,” but just force them to give health insurance to their employees.

If you are the owner of one of those companies who would be penalized (or taxed, as the Supreme Court calls it), it sure feels like punishment if you are struggling to pay for health insurance for your employees and keep your books balanced.

Mr. Obama took zero responsibility for the struggles that businesses are having in meeting the federal demands. He actually reached back 75 years to pin blame on President Franklin Roosevelt.

“We have a unique system compared to many parts of the world, including France,” the president told reporters. “Partly because of historical accident and some decisions that FDR made during wartime back in World War II, our health care has been much more tied to employers. That not the case in most other developed countries.”

A good follow-up question would have been: Mr. President, name one person who has traveled to France to get medical treatment, compared with the thousands around the world who flock to the United States for our top-notch doctors.

The government-run, European medical system that Mr. Obama seems to love makes medical care the equivalent of going to the DMV.

Another piece of bad news in the past week about the consequences of Obamacare was the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report that there will be 2.5 million fewer full-time employees by 2024, due to the health care law.

The nonpartisan CBO said that the decline in the workforce will be a result of expanding Medicaid, the penalty on employers who don’t offer insurance, and the new taxes imposed on labor income.

Remember, we already have the lowest labor-force participation force in 35 years because so many people have given up on ever finding a job in the continuing weak economy.

The White House, however, tried to spin the bad news from the CBO with a bizarre, feel-good, liberal ideology.

Press secretary Jay Carney said all these people who won’t be working means “Americans would no longer be trapped in a job just to provide coverage for their families, and would have the opportunity to pursue their dreams.”

If your dream is to spend your days doing arts and crafts and going to doctors who accept Medicaid, then I suppose this is good news.

However, if you are like most Americans who don’t want to play guitar on street corners, nor depend on government handouts to support your family, the projection is dire.

The kicker of the CBO analysis is that it projects there will be 31 million uninsured Americans in 10 years. Super.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell pointed out Wednesday, “Nearly 90 percent — nine out of 10 — of the new enrollees in Obamacare exchange plans are actually folks who were already insured.”

The Kentucky Republican called on Mr. Obama to move to the center and replace the law with reforms that will help just those who need it.

“A plan like Obamacare that costs this much, that hurts this many Americans, and that still fails to achieve its principal goal at the end of the day, it just won’t work,” Mr. McConnell said on the Senate floor.

We’re still at the beginning of implementing Obamacare, and already millions have had their insurance canceled, while premiums, deductibles and co-pays have all increased.

This is true for individual and employer-based plans, as the insurance companies are preparing to recoup the expected losses in coming years.

Obamacare is hurting 10 times the number of people it is supposed to help. So when will Mr. Obama come clean about making a massive mistake so it can be remedied?

Never. He is too prideful and ambitious. The president is acting out of desperation to salvage his legacy at the expense of what is best for America. He should read Proverbs 16: “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.”

Emily Miller is senior editor of opinion for The Washington Times and author of “Emily Gets Her Gun” (Regnery, 2013).

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