- The Washington Times - Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hundreds of faithful and curious have flocked to a tiny town in the northern district of Israel to see a statue of the Virgin Mary that its owners claim “weeps” oil.

Osama Khoury said his wife Amira found the statue inexplicably “covered with oil” just recently, The Associated Press reported. Amira also told the news outlet that the statue “spoke to her” and told her not to fear.

Word of what the Christian family has described as a miracle soon spread, especially after a neighbor came forward and said the statue did indeed appear to weep oil. The structure also reportedly remains slick, even after it’s wiped clean, AP reported.

The family said the most striking aspect of the statue is when a “tear” seems to fall down Mary’s cheek, AP said. An estimated 2,000 people have traveled to the home, located near the Lebanon border, to see the statue.



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