- The Washington Times - Monday, February 17, 2014

Connecticut easily reached its Obamacare enrollment goals by taking a page from the Apple company and opening up storefronts that allow people to drift in and get the skinny on the labyrinthine law, according to Forbes.

“The storefronts have friendly employees who greet people at the door, clearly explain their health care choices in plain English, and make sure the consumer walks out of the store having made the choice that best fits their needs—much like the goals of the Apple Store,” contributor Carmine Gallo wrote.

His column says Connecticut reached its enrollment goals for the Oct. 1-March 31 sign-up period by December, a remarkable achievement as the federal insurance portal, HealthCare.gov, and some state-run markets, or “exchanges,” struggled out of the gate.

Connecticut’s state-run exchange, Access Health CT, enrolls 300 to 400 people per day at its storefronts, Mr. Gallo reported. It also used real people in advertisements instead of actors, streamlined its income-verification process and sent volunteers to state fairs and even a Lil’ Wayne concert to explain the law before enrollment began.

“The lesson?” Mr. Gallo wrote. “Leaders who are in charge of delivering new and potentially confusing information should strive to keep both the process and the communication as simple as possible.”



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