- The Washington Times - Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The factory once used by Oskar Schindler to employ an estimated 1,200 Jews in the eastern Czech Republic — saving them from dying in the Nazi gas chamber or starving in a prison camp — has been put up for sale.

The story of Mr. Schindler — a member of the Nazi party and a Czech-German industrialist who became the savior for hundreds of Jewish families at the end of Word War II — went mainstream in the Hollywood movie “Schindler’s List.”

Now, the mayor of Brnenec, the village where the factory sits, says the factuality would be perfect for light industry development, or even for a Holocaust museum, Bloomberg reported.

The building “has real potential,” Mayor Blahoslav Kaspar told Bloomberg. At the same time, he admitted it “looks like Dresden after the bombing.”

The facility’s been the target of nearly 100 lawsuits since it underwent bankruptcy proceedings 10 years ago, Bloomberg reported. But Mr. Kaspar said all those legal disputes are nearly resolved. An interested investor would be able to obtain the property at a decent price and create jobs for the 1,300 who live in the town, he said.



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