- The Washington Times - Monday, February 3, 2014

An editor for The Denver Post who’s now tasked with covering the fallout from Colorado’s new marijuana law says he’s already noticed one big change: The smell in the air is markedly different.

“If you went back a couple years in the metro area and took a big whiff in downtown Denver, downtown Boulder, you know it would have been your average city,” said Ricardo Baca, the marijuana editor at The Denver Post, The Hill reported. “But now, I think if you’re at a Bronco game, if you’re in downtown Denver, you can actually smell the difference.”

Mr. Baca — who admits he’s a recreational pot smoker and uses it at the same time for medical reasons — said the biggest challenge facing the state and the federal government with these new pro-pot laws is keeping the drug out of the hands of children, The Hill reported.



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