- - Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The “Bridgegate” brouhaha surrounding New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie may well be another example of the Democrats’ “Stevens-ism” (“N.J. Democrats intensify Christie scandal inquiry,” Web, Jan. 13). It may be recalled that Sen. Ted Stevens, Alaska Republican, was investigated with great media attention and bulldoggedness until he lost his 2008 re-election bid, thereby providing the Democratic Senate with sufficient members to pass Obamacare. Stevens, now deceased, was later cleared owing to prosecutorial criminality of withholding exculpatory evidence (no punishments were doled out, of course).

The investigation of Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell’s relations with Star Scientific began soon after he started being touted as a possible presidential pick. Mr. McDonnell may have been reckless, but it may yet be that charges will be dropped in a few months now that Democrats control all the major statewide elective offices. “Bridgegate” took place almost immediately following Mr. Christie’s re-election, when many began mentioning him as a possible Republican candidate for president in 2016.

Democrats then openly announced they would begin efforts to bring him down. They are using this “Bridgegate” buffoonery as their opening salvo. I am not especially fond of Mr. Christie, but I hope there is nothing more to this issue — because we can be sure the Democrats will drag out the “investigation” right up to the primaries and lump in all Republicans as being made of the same corrupt cloth.

This should be a warning to all other incumbents or would-be candidates, whether for the office of president or other federal races, establishment or Tea Party, Washington careerist or newbie: Be honest about your past and present because pre-emptive “Stevens-ism” is a large part of the Democrats’ playbook. You can be sure the Democrats are already vetting possible innuendos, rumors and near-lies for use in the next election. Alas, Republicans are singularly incompetent and self-neutered in both answering scurrilous attacks and throwing the truth back at the political left.


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