- - Thursday, January 2, 2014


In his op-ed piece on the “Duck Dynasty” debacle (“A duck call back to sanity,” Dec. 30), Robert Knight correctly warns political consultants against replicating Mitt Romney’s “bloodless” campaign. However, who is taking note?

I can already hear the drums beating for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as the “most electable” candidate among whoever dares to challenge Hillary Clinton in 2016. Have we forgotten “most electable” John McCain and “most electable” Mitt Romney? The only reason “most electable” George W. Bush won in 2000 was because the Democrats (as the GOP did previously with Bob Dole) gave Al Gore his turn.

Has the GOP finally succumbed to the mantra that Tea Party types are right-wing radicals? Or has Phil Robertson shed some light on the Tea Party’s normalcy as folks who want to restore a measure of sanity to government? Does it matter? Is anyone listening in the GOP? Or is it indeed Mr. Christie’s media-induced turn to mount a losing campaign for the White House?

Evansville, Ind.



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