- The Washington Times - Wednesday, January 22, 2014

If New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is telling the truth about having no involvement in the alleged retaliatory lane closures on the George Washington Bridge, he can survive the scandal unscathed, former New York City Major Rudy Giuliani said.

“If in fact that’s untrue, he’s in deep trouble and can’t extricate himself from it,” Mr. Guiliani said Wednesday on CNN. “If he’s telling the truth, I think he survives this and becomes stronger.”

Since the so-called “Bridgegate,” other scandals have emerged, including the Hoboken mayor’s allegation that the lieutenant governor threatened to withhold Sandy relief money if she didn’t support a project championed by Mr. Christie.

Mr. Guiliani, however, said this is just a “political show” designed to take down the 2016 Republican frontrunner.

“I see the others as political pile-on. It’s the usual Democrats go after Republicans, Republicans go after Democrats. The mayor of Hoboken knew about this for months, never said anything about it,” he said. “I see in the pile-on effect, the usual political thing that happens when you have a guy who is a frontrunner after all this. He was the only Republican leading Hillary Clinton in some polls.”

Mr. Giuliani also questioned the integrity of the state investigation since the Democrat leading it has already come out and said he thinks Mr. Christie is lying, he said.

“I’m really casting doubt on is this really a legitimate investigation, or is this an attempt to take out a really promising candidate on the other side?” he said.

“When something like this happens, immediately everyone jumps to the conclusions before there’s even been an investigation,” he continued.



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