- The Washington Times - Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A St. Louis woman who spoke out strongly at recent local government meetings in Pevely said she’s received a threatening note written with ransom-like text — cut-and-pasted blocks of printed words — advising that if she doesn’t stop the talk, she’ll be sorry.

“We have copies of sexually explicit emails that we don’t think you would like to be exposed to your family, friends or the public,” the note read, Mediaite reported. The note was filled with cut-out words from printed materials, which were then pasted on a piece of paper.

The note continued: “Back away from Pevely now! Or Don will get proof.”

The woman, Erin Kasten, unveiled the threatening letter at a recent Board of Alderman meeting and said there were “certain people” in attendance that were leaving her with an uncomfortable feeling, Mediaite reported. At the same time, she denied the existence of the emails and asserted: “[I] won’t back away from Pevely.”



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