- The Washington Times - Monday, January 27, 2014

A new poll says Americans are less likely to have negative perceptions of Obamacare’s rollout, yet two thirds of them still think its implementation hasn’t been so hot.

The Associated Press-Gfk poll says 71 percent of people who tried to sign up — or live with someone who has — have encountered problems, although the portion of those having success increased to 40 percent from 24 percent in December.

Negative perceptions of the rollout have dropped from 75 percent in December to 66 percent in the new poll, according to the AP. Still, only 4 percent said things were going “extremely well.”

Rep. Michele Bachmann, Minnesota Republican and fierce critic of Obamacare, said Monday she planned to highlight the law’s pitfalls through her guest to Tuesday’s State of the Union Address.

The congresswoman invited Julie Anderson, a family physician from St. Cloud, Minn., who has voiced her concerns about the health care law to Ms. Bachmann in the past and says she spends half of her professional time “in front of a computer complying with burdensome regulations.”



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