- The Washington Times - Friday, January 3, 2014

Bill Nye “The Science Guy” is heading to Kentucky in the coming weeks to visit with the man who founded the Creation Museum — and debate and argue how creationist belief in the Old Testament is pure folly.

Mr. Nye posted a video only last year that said teaching the idea of creationism, rather than evolution, was harmful to children. So Ken Ham, founder of the Creation Museum, contacted Mr. Nye and invited him for a debate, The New York Post reported.

In a Facebook posting, Mr. Ham announced the event: “Well the big news for 2014 as we begin this new year is that in February, at the Creation Museum, I will be debating the well known Bill Nye The Science Guy! In the next day or so we will post more details including how you can buy tickets to this event. It’s quite rare these days for such a well known evolutionist to publicly debate a creationist — so we do expect a lot of media interest.”

The event, set for Feb. 4, is being billed, “Is Creation a Viable Model of Origins?” The New York Post said the museum will charge for admission.



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