- The Washington Times - Friday, January 3, 2014

Who says liberals hate guns? More than 1,000 gun owners in California who happen to hate National Rifle Association politics as well as the Republican ideology, but love the Second Amendment and their own rifles, have banded together and started their own group, a sort of leftist-leaning NRA called the Liberal Gun Club.

“We make ourselves a special place where we don’t have to hear about the ‘Kenyan Muslim socialist’ in the White House,” said club member Marlene Hoeber, a tattoo-sporting transgender who describes herself as a “queer activist” with far-left, anarchist-type personal politics, in the San Francisco Chronicle.

On other political points, however, the Liberal Gun Club does advocate similarly to the NRA. Both groups, for instance, decry the White House call for expanded background checks. And members from both groups disagree with much of President Obama’s policies — albeit for different reasons.

“If I walk into a gun store with an Obama T-shirt, which I wouldn’t wear because he’s too conservative, I don’t fit,” said Liberal Gun Club member and Democratic Party activist Eric Wooten, in The Blaze.

And another member described the Liberal Gun Club this way, in The Blaze: “We’re the NPR of gun clubs — without the tote bags.”

Ms. Hoeber said the club touts members who are “consistently left of the contemporary Democratic party,” but also those who are “Clinton and Obama supporters, and even Reagan Democrats.”

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