- - Sunday, January 5, 2014


When campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008, Hillary Clinton claimed to have dodged snipers’ bullets on the tarmac at Tuzla, Bosnia, when on an official visit as first lady in 1996. When the claim was quickly revealed as a baldfaced lie, her acolytes defended her by saying that she had been exhausted (as if to say tired people always engage in confabulation). To my knowledge, not a single prominent supporter deserted Mrs. Clinton’s campaign when the lying was exposed.

Perhaps we can understand this if we recall that one of the signal beliefs of the liberal catechism is that the ends justify the means (“Betrayal that whitewash won’t cover,” Commentary, Dec. 31). Thus, lying in pursuit of the presidential nomination or in the wake of the Benghazi atrocities becomes acceptable to the liberal mind. The New York Times is the most prominent journalistic voice of liberalism. We should not be surprised if it uses its considerable influence as a means to a liberal end: the scouring of Mrs. Clinton’s record in preparation for another presidential effort.




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