- - Monday, January 6, 2014


Three cheers for the Republicans who will stand up for life (“Republicans set to deliver big statement on abortion,” Web, Jan. 5). The Democrats, of course, will accuse Republicans of waging a war on women, one of the most deceitful pieces of propaganda ever conceived against pro-life Republicans by pro-abortion Democrats.

They accuse Republicans of waging a war on women because Republicans try to keep women from aborting their babies, half of whom are probably baby girls who would have grown up to be women. Republicans are also trying to prevent women from becoming killers via the use of chemicals such as the morning-after pill, or accomplices when they deliver their babies to the abortion facility.

The “war on women” is actually a war on babies, which was officially declared by the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision of 1973. That decision authorizes each pregnant woman to choose life or death for the innocent, helpless baby in her womb. So far the casualties are babies — about 54 million of them — and women.

Although the federal government has legalized the killing of unborn babies, God hasn’t. In Exodus 21:22-24, He sets the punishment of “life for life, eye for eye” for anyone killing or injuring a baby in the womb. Pray that the “pro-choice” contingent will repent and ask God’s forgiveness before Judgment Day comes.

Waldorf, Md.



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