- The Washington Times - Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gunmen wearing Iraqi security uniforms stormed into two separate brothels in Baghdad, firing off rounds and killing 25 prostitutes — the women’s apparent punishment for violating Islam’s religious laws.

“We knew that there were prostitutes in those two apartments,” said one individual who lived near the brothels and requested anonymity while speaking to NBC News.

Police in Baghdad said the attackers had left behind notes that explained the shootings as punishment, NBC News reported. The region is currently facing high tensions due to the sweep of Sunni radicals on an Islam-based mission to uproot the Shiite-dominated government and instill Sharia Law.

The shootings occurred shortly after 10 security vehicles carrying men dressed in military uniforms drove into the area, the town of Zayouna, the neighbor told NBC News.

“I thought ISIS fighters were in the area,” the witness said. “It is easy to pass through checkpoints when you are a militia member since you are driving a government vehicle and carrying a security force ID.”



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