- The Washington Times - Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Secretary of State John Kerry puts the odds of the five Taliban members who were freed from Guantanamo Bay now turning around and attacking Americans at a blunt slim-to-none, calling the scenario “baloney.”

But just in case they did, he added to CNN, they would most likely be killed.

He made the remarks while explaining that the government of Qatar is under obligation to monitor the five men for the next year — but that others would be watching them, too, Newsmax reported.

Mr. Kerry declined to specify if those other monitors included the United States, but he did say that if the five violated the terms of their release, U.S. authorities have “the ability to do things,” he said during the interview on CNN.

“I’m not telling you that they don’t have some ability at some point to go back and to get involved,” Mr. Kerry said in the CNN report. “But they also have an ability to get killed doing that. And I don’t think anybody should doubt the capacity of the United States of America to protect Americans.”

He also claimed that any of the freed Taliban members who were saying they were going to kill Americans were just propagandizing.

“Propaganda is propaganda, and they’ll say whatever they want to stir the waters,” Mr. Kerry said, Newsmax reported.

Threats that the five will harm Americans is “a lot of baloney,” he said, Nexsmax reported.



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