- The Washington Times - Friday, June 20, 2014

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker brushed off the allegations Friday that he had a hand in an illegal fundraising scheme, saying they are politically motivated and have already been proven as false.

Mr. Walker, who is running for re-election and is thought to be pondering a 2016 presidential run, said a state judge and a federal judge looked into the allegations, did not buy them and shut the case down.

“Many in the national media and even some here in Wisconsin are looking at this thing backwards,” Mr. Walker said on “Fox and Friends.” “This is a case that has been resolved.”

The new documents came to light on Thursday. They are part of a investigation into allegations that he and members of his inner circle were involved in illegally coordination fundraising efforts with outside conservative groups, including the Wisconsin Club for Growth and state Chamber of Commerce, ahead of his 2012 recall election.

They were released as part of an ongoing lawsuit that the Wisconsin Club for Growth filed against the investigation, The Associated Press reported. A federal appeals court judge ordered them released when prosecutors and the Wisconsin Club for Growth did not object.

Mr. Walker rose to national prominence leading a successful — and controversial — effort to strip many collective-bargaining rights from many public employees in his state, as part of a broader effort that aimed at putting the state on a firmer fiscal footing.

The effort angered Democrats, who tried to recall him in 2012.
But Mr. Walker won.

“This is a prime example of what happens when you take on the big government special interests,” Mr. Walker said Friday. “They are looking for ways to come at us.”

“They will continue to do it,” he said. “They did it two years ago in the recall election. They are going to do it again now. We have another tough election this fall. So, they are going to come at us with just about everything out there, and the media, at least many in the media, are willing accomplices to this.”



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