- The Washington Times - Monday, March 17, 2014

Paris has taken dramatic steps to combat its growing smog problem, banning about half of the cars and trucks from driving its roads — and sending out police patrol vehicles en masse to enforce the rule.

The ban comes as city officials have been trying to stem the smog that’s plagued for more than a week now, The Associated Press reported.

How it works: All vehicles with even-numbered license plates were banned from driving into Paris or on nearby suburban roads on Monday, AP reported. And the city means business; police sent about 700 patrol cars out and about to make sure the rule was being abided by.

Paris hasn’t taken such drastic measures since 1997, AP reported. But if the pollution doesn’t subside any on Monday, city officials will enact the same ban on Tuesday — only with odd-numbered vehicles. Meanwhile, public transportation has been offered for free for four days running as an enticement to get drivers off the street, AP said.



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